"JB's is by a mile the best sauce I've ever had. My sister-in-law made some wings with it .... at home. All I've ever had at home, wing wise, is terrible rubbery under-or-over seasoned/sauced garbage. I didn't trust it. Then I tried some ... and not only had she nailed the actual cooking of the wings, the sauce was like this perfect marriage of 7.5 out of 10 hotness with peppery with almost a smoky, hickory BBQ'ey thing. I don't know how to describe it. It's not just "burn your tongue off" style.....it has some heat, has some smoke and has some herbs. I love it. It is PERFECT."
-- Brian McLaughlin, Palm Harbor, FL

"Got our JB's Best today and thought it was fantastic. I was on the run as usual and tried it first just splashed on a piece of bread with my smoked turkey sandwich. Was shocked -- and delighted -- by the kick to it. Later tonight, Melissa and I both put it on the burgers we made on the grill. Deeee-licious. ... Think it's great and we're gonna order some more to share with friends!"
-- Chip & Melissa Towers, Bogart, GA

"I really wanted to show off my lunch topped off with my brand new JB's Best Hearty Hot Sauce, but I just couldn't stop eating it to take a picture. For the record, that sauce is a great complement to corned beef, turkey and sauerkraut on rye! Thanks, JB, for introducing my taste buds to new and exciting flavors!"
-- Brandon Firfer, Atlanta, GA

"It really knocked me out. If you like it hot, but with a great flavor that makes you want MORE, then you really have to try this. I am giving a bottle to my son and one to my grandson. I'm tickled to be able to share this."
-- Bonnie Stagner, Winder, GA

"Doyne tested, Doyne approved."
-- Scott Doyne, Atlanta, GA

"Oh my gawwwwwwwd. I just had a delicious NY Steak cooked to perfection ... but what added to the awesomeness was JB's Best Hearty Hot Sauce. It was outrageously good with the steak, rice and greens I had. The best part of the sauce is that it's not overwhelming and is seasoned so well that I briefly contemplated drinking it straight up while stuffing my face. Thanks for making this awesome sauce, JB!"
-- Ivan Alfaro, Atlanta, GA

"A drop in your coffee will make you laugh all day!"
-- Paul Spitznagel, Charleston, SC

"Just received my first order of JB's Best Hearty Hot Sauce. Had to try it right away. Only one suggestion ... JB, you had better start selling that stuff in QUARTS!"
-- Evan Jones, Roswell, GA