Help JB's Best hearty hot sauce help a friend


    Danielle Towers -- aka. "Dani Doom" -- would really appreciate our help.


Danielle Towers -- aka. "Dani Doom" -- would really appreciate our help.

Just like JB’s Best Hearty Hot Sauce, Danielle Towers of Watkinsville, GA, has boatloads of friends, is bold beyond compare -- who else do you know is a professional roller derby girl? -- is great to have around for any occasion, loves to bring a smile to everyone she meets, and, most of all, is always there to help others.

But now she is the one in need, and we at JB’s Best Hearty Hot Sauce are committed to doing our part to help her get through a difficult patch.

During a roller derby match about six months ago, Danielle broke her right leg in two places and shattered her right thumb knuckle. She now has a rod and several pins in her leg, a screw in her thumb, and, because she had no health insurance, tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. That’s where we -- and hopefully you all and your friends -- come in.

During the month of August, a portion of every sale of JB’s Best Hearty Hot Sauce will go to help Danielle pay for her medical expenses. With your support, we can help ease her staggering financial burdens and get her back on the rink as soon as possible. So please click here and buy some JB’s Best Hearty Hot Sauce.

Danielle and her family -- not to mention your taste buds -- will be forever grateful. As will we. Thank you for your continued support.

-- JB