JB's Best Hearty Hot Sauce Buffalo Chicken Wings

Recipe makes 25 chicken wings

-- 1 gallon peanut oil
-- 25 fresh chicken wings, separated (discard the tips) and patted dry with a paper towel
-- (Chef's Secret: JB always uses fresh, never frozen, wings)
-- JB's Best Hearty Hot Sauce
-- One head of celery
-- A few carrots
-- Blue cheese or Ranch dressing

-- Heat oil in deep frier or kettle to 350 degrees
-- Gently add the wings, one at a time, to the hot oil (don't overfill the fryer or kettle!)
-- Every couple of minutes, stir gently (and carefully!)  to assure the wings do not stick together
-- For regular wings, cook for 15 minutes
-- For crispy wings (the way JB loves them), cook for 17 minutes
-- For extra crispy wings, cook for 19 minutes
-- While the wings are cooking, slice then cut the celery into 4-inch pieces
-- Same for the carrots
-- Pour the Blue Cheese and Ranch dressing into small bowls
-- When cooking time is up, remove wings and place in a large bowl
-- Douse the wings with plenty of JB's Best Hearty Hot Sauce
-- Toss the wings in the bowl until all of them are completely covered
-- Arrange the wings, celery and carrots on a plate and enjoy!

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